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Does getting a tattoo hurt?

Some people claim to feel nothing but pressure or a slightly irritating feeling and nothing more. Some claim that it is "annoying". Others admit that it is quite painful but not totally unbearable. How it feels depends on the person and where on the body you're being tattooed. Each person, and how their body tolerates pain, is different. None will report the same exact sensation.

The feeling can range from cat scratch to burning to electricity or just the feeling of being written on very stiffly with a ballpoint pen. In the end, getting a tattoo feels like getting a tattoo. Try it and find out. :)



How long does it take to heal?


Tattoo healing times can differ greatly from person to person. Most people are healed within 2 weeks, others can heal at a much slower rate. I've seen tattoos that have taken up to a month to heal. And just because it's healed on the outside, doesn't mean the tattoo is completely healed underneath.
Healing time can depend on the individual and their health. The better your health, the faster you'll heal. Skin type can also be a factor in this.

Healing time can depend on the body part. Some areas will heal faster than others depending on how much you use the body part. Joints and places that flex or bend on a regular basis can take longer to heal. This includes hands and feet, which can take up to a full month to heal because of the difference in the texture of the skin in these spots.

Each artist works differently and certain individual techniques may cause the tattoo to take a bit longer to heal.
Tattoos that scab may often take a bit longer to heal than a tattoo that peels.


For more information on healing click on our aftercare instructions here



Do tattoos always scab?


Nope.  Some tattoos will scab, some will peel.  Sometimes a tattoo will do both.  Either is possible and quite normal.  There is no way to predict whether your tattoo will scab or peel.  This can vary with each individual, tattoo, body part & the aftercare used.


What should I wear when I get tattooed?

Wear something comfortable, and breathable.  Layer clothing so that if you get overheated, you have a way to cool down.  Wear old clothes, tattoo ink stains!  Make sure the clothing will allow access to the area you'd like to get tattooed.  The artist needs no more exposed than the area in which he or she is going to be working on with a few inches surrounding, in order to be able to wipe excess ink away.


Can you numb the area?

No.  Proper anesthetics would only be available through a doctors prescription.  Although there are a number of "numbing" salves, none we have tried seem to make much of a difference. 

People have been tattooed for thousands of years with no numbing agents involved.  In fact, in many cultures, tattoos were a rite of passage done to see how much pain the body could endure, to prove your worth to the tribe. 

If it was painless, it would be all too easy, everyone would have tattoos and it would be a worthless commitment.  It's only temporary pain and you earn your art. 


Do certain colors hurt more than others?


Absolutely not.  You'll hear some people saying that one color hurts more than another.  It's not the color or ink that causes the sensation, it's the needles.  You can run water through a tattoo machine and it will feel exactly the same way.


A lot of people claim that black ink hurts more.  I've heard some claim that light colors (yellow, white) hurt more.  Why?  Black is normally the first color that hits the skin, and that can cause a bit of shock to the system.  The skin hasn't been worked yet and the feeling is very new to your body.  Once it goes on for a while, you tend to adjust and get acclimated.


White or other very light colors are often the last colors used.  The skin has already been worked so it's a little tender by this point.  Sometimes that last color can seem like the worst, especially since you're anticipating the end of the proccess. 


I'm still under 18 years old.  Can my parents sign a release form?

We will not tattoo anyone under the age of 18.  Wisconsin law does not allow for any parental or guardian consent for minors.  Don't bother asking if we can make an exception.  You are wasting your time.  No.  Never.  Not an option. Negative. 

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